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Why You Really Are What You Eat?

The state of your health correlates to your eating habits. Many health conditions that catch up with us later in life are as a result of our eating habits and our lifestyles.

The trend today is shifting to campaigns for people to shift to “clean eating.” It’s a concept that aims to promote the consumption of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins while limiting the intake of highly processed foods.

The link between diseases and what you eat

Smoking has been linked to cancer; obesity and heart disease have links in intake of processed sugary foods and foods with lots of saturated fats. This proves that we are really what we eat. A significant change in what we eat can have a lasting impact on our health.


The goal of clean eating is to limit the development of chronic diseases associated with our eating habits. The concept also guides on limiting foods with added fats, sugar or salt.

What comprises clean eating?

Frozen fruits and pasteurized milk are thought to be safe since these processes don’t affect the nutrients in these foods.

Clean eating only offers the guidelines; you choose what to eat. For example, you’re advised to learn to prepare simple meals at home as opposed to eating out.

It also essential to note that though you can choose to eat only organic foods, clean eating doesn’t limit itself to organic foods only.

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Clean foods are as close to nature as possible. They are free of colorings, sweeteners, additives, and hormones. Research shows that natural foods are less likely to be calorie dense; the converse is also true.Clean foods have high levels of fiber and water; thus you get full faster compared to eating processed foods.

I am wrapping up!

When you put food on your plate, you’re ready to replace your body cells—this is the importance of clean eating. What we eat is the building material for our bodies. Healthy eating is a great recipe to reduce the chances of lifestyle diseases and improve our health.

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