What To Wear When You’re High

This got me interested about what we wear when we get high. Is there anything as marijuana style? I have definitely seen my fair share of stoners from tie-dye tees and filthy sandals. College campuses have been teeming with frat bros of Bob Marley tops and t-shirts.

Can ganja style exist beyond the domain of all Spencer’s Gifts? However, I’ve compiled a couple of distinct essentials that I believe make good smoke wear.

1. Hoodies:


Everyone enjoys a hoodie. Odds are you’re wearing one at this time. Warm, comfortable; they’re the clothes edition of hugs. I particularly like pullover hoodies with large pockets where I could stash a joint/pipe/lighter. Additionally, they come in a thousand distinct colors, fabrics, and layouts. Hoodies are all love, is exactly what I am saying. Making them one of the best weed clothing brands.

2. Cargo Shorts:

I understand purchasing queer women on freight shorts is similar to selling them. As soon as you get within you understand exactly what you’ve been missing your complete life and the whole world makes sense.

Cargo shorts receive a bad rap, so largely by people who do not understand exactly what pockets are. There is room to get a milder, a spliff, a grinder, and a vape pencil, your own phone, also a Cliff bar…the possibilities are infinite.

3. Onesies:


Remember when I mentioned that hoodies were just like a kiss? Well, Onesies are just like a complete body hug by a cute weirdo who wraps legs round you. Animal onesies are getting a significant moment at the moment. The trend began in Japan, in which they’re referred to as kigurumi, or”disguise pajamas.” Clearly designed with a benign individual.

4. Accessories:

There Are Particular fashion accessories which give themselves to smokers. There’s the omnipresent knit hat that will be a traditional stoner look.

Additionally, it’s super comfy and good when your hair is really a wreck. Shades are a must when you’ve got some post-smoke reddish eye activity occurring.

Fingerless gloves are excellent since you won’t place your mittens on fire hoping to utilize a Zippo. It occurred to a buddy, also it had been hilarious/unfortunate. And that I might be a significant nerd, but that I won’t ever apologize for wearing a fanny pack: palms free y’all!

Guy Kim

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