Hurricane Safety Tips: Tips On Being Prepared For A Hurricane

Hurricane season can be the disturbing season to anyone. Hurricane is not of concern to those people who live in its paths but it also a worry to those people who know their relatives live in the hurricane path. Being prepared is a very important step that you need to take to overcome the effects of the hurricane. It will help you and your relatives and friends to have a peace of mind. Below are tips to help you out

1. Know your risks

Understand well the risk that is ahead of you. You can check through a map service centre to know the level of risk that is ahead of you; this will help to have flood insurance cover in case your normal home insurance does not cover for floods.


2. Assemble an emergency kit

Another tip for preparing well for hurricane season is by having a well-stocked emergency kit at your home. You should ensure your emergency kit has a flashlight, first aid supplies, extra batteries, none perishable foods and with enough water, medical supplies and towels.

You should stay informed of the hurricane emergence by staying alert via texts messages and having a TV that is powered by a battery.

3. Have a family communication path

Develop a good communication path. Know how you will contact all your family members in cars of anything or when you get separated.

4. Develop an evacuation route

Before the hurricane contact your nearest red cross office to get the nearest shelter to find the app, and the best route to get there safely.

5. buy hurricane impact windows

Another tip for preparing well for a hurricane is by installing impact windows; they will help reduce the impact of hurricane blocking extern pressure from getting into your house


6. Secure your home

Your outdoor furniture and other items that can be a threat t should be well secured. Turn off propane tanks and other useful utilities.

7. Protect financial documents

This is important documents that need to be secured well before the onset of a hurricane. Make sure they are well secured in a place share water can’t get there.

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