How to Choose the Best Digital Camera For You

One of the biggest decision a photographer has to make is the choice of which camera to use. A camera with a low resolution will give bad picture quality. Yet a camera with the right lens but complicated to use will give you a hard time. So how do you ensure that you get your hands on the right camera? With so many models available in the market from DSLR to mirrorless, that choice is not easy. So here is how you can buy the best Digital Camera for yourself.

1. Decide on the Type of Digital Camera You Want

Cameras are of three different types; Compact/ Point to Shoot, Digital SLRs (DSLRs) and Interchangeable lens. When choosing a digital camera it is important that you start with first determining which model you want. Let’s take a look at each individually.

Lens Cameras

• Compact Models

If you are looking for a simple to use and portable camera with longer zooms, these are the ones you should buy. They are pocket size and have the best sensors. They also feature full annual exposure controls and can cost anything between $100-$200. The image quality is no different than that of a modern smartphone only that the cameras have features which phones don’t have for instance zoom lenses and sensors.

• Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras

Compared to pin to point, they offer a better image quality and come with better features that allow them to perform faster. Often when people hear about interchangeable cameras, they will think about DSLRs. But with the Mirrorless, they offer a better alternative. They come without the bulky mirror, are lightweight and they are easy to use.

• DSLR Cameras

The most common cameras are the DSLR. They can be used by consumer as well as professional photographers. They have offer high quality images because they feature a large sensor. Since mirrorless cameras are just an upgrade of the DSLR.


They tend to share most of the features and even the price range is about the same, $1000 to be specific. However, they have some advantage over the mirrorless. In that, they offer faster and better autofocus making it easy to photograph moving subjects. Also their batteries can keep charge for a long time.

2. What Do You Want to Photograph

Next you have to determine who or what you’ll be photographing. Your subjects determine what digital camera is best for you. Are you going to photograph nature or landscape or portraits or even weddings? Each subject offers unique challenges and would need a specific type of lens. So for instance, if you are planning on taking travel photos, the best camera for you will be the pin to point, because they are portable which means you can carry them around.

3. Your Budget

It always comes down to price. Cameras are expensive and without a proper budget you may end up wasting a lot of money on a particular model. Decide first on your needs and come up with a budget according to those needs. But in general, point to shoot cameras are the less expensive models. However, you cannot buy them if they won’t serve your purposes properly.

choosing a digital camera 2


When it comes to purchasing a camera, remember that all features are the same only that they have a few variations. So instead of just concentrating on the features think of the bigger picture that is which kind of camera you want. Like cars, there are a ton of choices especially if you are planning to purchase from the online stores. But knowing which model you want, is an excellent start to getting the best digital camera.

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