How Do You Overcome Exercise Barriers?

Many people fail to stick to the exercise and fitness routine because they are destructed with various barriers that come their way during the exercise routine. There are many potential barriers, and here we are going to LEARN MORE about them. When one encounters a problem, there should be a strategy on overcoming them especially exercising to achieve a given target.

Although calories in versus calories out ultimately control weight loss, many factors will affect your long term progress here.Most people fail to recognize these barriers and end up not getting the results they want.

So here are some barriers to weight loss exercise that you need to learn more about:

1. The need for security: If you feel a lack of security in your life, your brain will desire ever increasing amounts of dopamine. And the fastest way to increase dopamine is with high levels of sugar intake. So make sure you don’t fall into this trap.


2. A lack of resistance training: It is possible to lose weight without lifting weights, but it will be much harder than it has to be. You see, resistance training builds up muscle. And muscle does a great job at making it easier to process carbs.

3. Negative emotions: Food is a great way to help deal with negative emotions. Thus, for some people, a failure to address negative aspects in their life will leave them in a perpetual need to eat excessive amounts of food.

4. Unbalanced meals: If your meals do not have balance, it will be tough for you to get in shape. This happens because each food group plays its unique role in slowing down digestion. Thus, eliminating a food group will make it very hard for you to keep blood sugar low.

5. Relying on self-control: Your best bet for getting in shape and controlling your eating patterns is to manipulate your environment. Unfortunately, many weight loss hopefuls rely on self-control instead. So always change your environment before changing yourself.

6. Not eating enough vegetables: Without a massive intake of vegetables, maintaining a negative caloric state will be very difficult.

Not only will your hunger skyrocket, but your digestion rates will be high. You see, vegetables make you feel full with the minimal caloric load.

Concluding we can say that these are the common barriers that may distract us during a workout routine but motivational and eagerness to achieve your goal should be the driving factor to overcome the obstacles and attaining the best health dreams and having the desired shape.



There are many barriers to weight loss that can thwart your progress. Patience and discipline are the keys to getting the desired results from any fitness routine. Soon after beginning a fitness routine, many people start feeling better, although it may take time to reach their goals.

You will get better results if you consistently give your best, no matter how long it takes. To start and stick with your exercise routine, keep the above tips in mind.

Guy Kim

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