Foods to Uplift Your Mood

Here are some of the foods that you can include in a dairy diet and uplift your mood the ideas are borrowed from article from

Spinach. Calorie for calorie green leafy veggie provides more nutrients than almost every other food on Earth. Scientifically proven to help protect brain from age-related declines.

A healthy brain will make you happy. It’s also loaded with a vitamin called Folate. Folate has been shown to cause depression if levels are too low.

Dark Chocolate. Not Snickers or Milky Way Bars either. The chocolate you want to look for is high cocoa-content dark Chocolate — sixty per cent cocoa or above. Seventy per cent or higher is best, but it is hard to find. But don’t overeat on it either because of palmitic acid type of fat in it. But Chocolate has been proven to release endorphins will boost serotonin levels, which will give you a happier you. But again keep intake low no more than a couple of ounces a week.


Walnuts. Nut contains more Omega-3 fatty acids than any other. You need Omega-3 in your diet. One benefits of Omega-3 is that they support brain function. They have been used in depression studies have helped considerably. Your brain and mood go hand-in-hand. They don’t call Omega-3 fats to brain food for nothing.

Salmon. Most Omega-3 Fatty Acid you can find in one food item is probably found in Wild Salmon. Notice how we’re coming back to Omega-3’s? Wild kinds of salmon who dine on their oceanic friends are full of beautiful fatty acid.

However, farm-raised kinds are fed grains, not precisely kind of grub you’ll find in ocean & rivers where salmon live. The result is a fish that produces minimal Omega-3 fats produces a lot more inflammatory Omega-6 fats.


Eggs. For starters, it is without question the absolute best whole protein food you can eat. People are worried about cholesterol & fat though. But you see eggs contain Choline, which is a B complex vitamin that many people will be low on if they avoid foods like eggs. Cholineused appropriately by your body needs to be in The presence of fat. Eggs are perfect because of fat already naturally occurring. Without getting too scientific Choline is connected to memory crucial for affecting mood.

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