Are Phibrows Permanent


If you want to be beautiful today, you can take advantage of a wide range of beauty regimens and treatment. In fact, some of these treatments are invasive, while others can be done without severely piercing the skin. If you want to know that best one for you, you may want to start researching information on phi brows.

The information that you find can be very valuable, particularly for those of you who want the perfect brow every time that you step out of the house. Here are a few things that the phibrows can offer that you may or may not know about.

1.Perfect Eyebrow Arch Shape

Once people go through the microblading certification online courses that today’s beauty schools are now offering, you can use the skills that you have acquired to design the perfect eyebrow arch for your customers. Before you start this work, it is very important that you are explaining what this type of service entails. For instance, each customer needs to know what the artist will be using to do this technique.


Since this process is similar to putting a tattoo on someone’s body, it can not be wiped off like an expensive eyebrow pencil. Instead, this is a technique that is semi-permanent and not permanent. For instance, your customer can expect for this type of eyebrow arch to last from 12 to 18 months The timing that it last is often based on the customer’s skin type and care that they maintain.

2. How is this technique done

The beauty artists that do this type of work uses a manual process to shape the eyebrows. The eyebrow arch that’s drawn will not last forever since a semi-perm technique is being used. The shape of the eyebrow arch is pre-calculated with the use of facial morphology technology. Therefore, the artist knows exactly what shape is best for the face and can draw it without the possibility of error.

3. Phibrows Not Recommended for Everyone

Make up

Before you decide to pursue this perfect look, you should know that this type of facial technique is not suitable for anyone who fits in the following groups of people.

– Anyone who is currently taking certain medications like blood thinners etc.

-Anyone who is already wearing semi permanent makeup that’s old

-Anyone who has keloid scarring

– Women who are pregnant or breast feeding

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