3 Guidelines For Handling Suicide Cleanup

Losing a loved one to suicide is undoubtedly a tough thing to deal with, and can be a traumatic experience most of the time. To make it even worse, cleaning up the scene is mostly the family’s responsibility, even though they are mourning the death of someone close to them. Most of the time, such individuals can, however, get help from close friends, or maybe even seek professional help.

No matter what they decide to do, a suicide cleanup always has some health hazards associated with it, and these hazards have to be considered by whoever takes up the cleaning task.

This is in consideration that a suicide situation may involve bodily components that can pose serious threats such as hepatitis, HIV, and viruses that are not associated with direct symptoms.

To be safe, the following guidelines should be considered during any cleanup process:

1. Use personal protective equipment (PPE)

Crime scene

One of the major precautions to be taken during any cleanup process after a suicide case is the use of PPE such as safety shoes, gloves, respirators, and others. This equipment is there to ensure that you are not exposed to any biohazardous material in any way. The equipment should be inspected before being used to ensure that it is in good working condition.

2. Always use Biohazard bags

Biohazardous material and any contaminated materials can pose a major threat to the health of those who will access the area after the cleanup process is complete.

As such, any biohazardous substance has to be disposed of in a clearly marked biohazard bag, which is then tightly closed for proper disposal.

3. Decontaminate any reusable equipment

Any equipment such as brooms, buckets, and others that can be used afterward should be carefully sanitized, then scrubbed, rinsed, and left in the air to dry. This ensures the safety of anyone who will handle such tools after the cleanup process is completed.



Dealing with cleanups after a suicide case is not an easy thing for the family to do, but it has to be done after all. Safety comes first, which is why guidelines are there to ensure that anyone involved in the cleanup is not exposed to any health hazards. If by bad luck, any part of the body is exposed during the cleanup process, one should seek medical assistance immediately.

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