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7 Things You Need to Know About Impact Windows

For people who live in hurricane-prone areas like Miami, protection is the first thing they consider when installing windows and glasses to protect them against flying debris during hurricanes.

To be assured of proper protection during a hurricane you should consider the use of impact glass windows which have very many facts you should know before installing the windows. Below are some of the things you should know about impact windows when you think of using them in your construction.

– First, know what impact windows are.

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Impact windows are windows that are made to withstand knocks of debris being transported by wind, they are windows made of heavy-duty frames with glass made of special silicone glazing that protect the window pale from breaking when knocked with the debris. Mostly the impact glass windows are made of double panes of glass which are properly bound together to ensure strength.

– You should also know some important features of Impact windows.

When looking for impact windows for your house, you should know of some important features like whether the glass s laminated, the elements like heat reducing feature, impact windows should also have qualities to help reduce the cost of electricity bills, be able to protect your interior artwork from fading among other attributes.

– You should even know the material in making the frame of the impact window.

When choosing an impact window for your house you should consider the material used in making of the frame of the window, the material should be heavy duty to be able to withstand the strong winds that carry some solid debris, preferably, you should choose a frame that is made of vinyl or a strong extruded aluminum.

– Know the style of the impact window you choose.


Although the main aim here is protection against hurricanes, impact windows also come in different styles and designs and therefore you should consider the design that you choose to ensure that you achieve both proper protection and also achieve the beauty of your house.

– You should consider the brand and also the manufacturer of the impact window before purchase.

When choosing impact windows, you consider first the performance and the quality of the window. In attaining your key consideration, you should first find the manufacturer, look for an impact window manufacturing company that has a good reputation.

You can go online to look for a good Miami company or seek advice from neighbors,friends, and relatives.

– Know what an energy star qualified impact window is.

You should consider a window that has two panes of glass and that which has been labeled with specifications of the stringent energy efficiency. It should also be tested and certified by the NFRC to approve impact windows right for use in Miami.

– You should know whether impact windows can replace shutters.

Having that impact windows have been known to be better than hurricanes shutters you should know how to replace shutters with impact windows to ensure efficiency in protection.
With all the factors paid total attention you are certain to have proper durable protection of impact windows.