How Do I Look Expensive In Chic

Looking expensive does not mean that you have to spend a lot on your clothing. You can wear cheap clothes and look costly; it all depends on how you wear your clothes and how you put on your make up.

If you do not know how you can go about this then you can always read this article for more helpful hints, this way, you will be in a posting to see how you can look expensive in chic.



The best way to complete your dressing is by adding a little fragrance that matches your outfit. Look for a scent that you have always liked and make sure that you apply it on your skin. It should never be used for your clothes or hair.

Wight accessories

Some of these accessories can be very cheap, always choose the clear Cristal; this will help you look classy, unlike the plastic gemstones that may seem reasonable and make you look cheap. To achieve the classic look you are after, you can add a plastic or metal watch.

Classic jackets

While buying jackets, make sure that you are selecting the classic ones. No matter what you are wearing inside, with a vintage jacket, you will always look expensive.

Make use of a steamer.

Compared to iron, the steamer is easier to use and to manage. Make sure that your clothes are always free from wrinkles, and this can be done by folding them once they are out of the dryer. You should also make sure that the night before wearing your clothes, they are appropriately steamed. What an excellent way to make you look classy than this.


Looking expensive does not need a higher salary or much spending, how you dress explains it all. The ball is in your hands, use these simple tips today, and surprise your friends with your new outlook.

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